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And... we're back! 22.08.12

Vacation time is over and that means we're back in business! As you might have seen already, we're up for a kick-start after our little summer break. For now we've already got 5 new gigs planned, including a festival appearance and a very special Tribute performance (see the gigs page) on October 2nd.

Summer break 01.07.12

Hey everybody,

Here's a small (and probably last) update before our summer holliday break. After all this gigging, we sure earned a little time off for our vacation plans. During the next 2 months it will be a little quiet, but we'll be back louder than ever after that! Of course we will be working on some new gigs in this time, so be sure to check the gigs page once in a while.

But we're not there just yet, we stilll have a final ahead of us next Saturday! It promises to be a cool night with a nice metal ring to it, as our friends from Incease also managed to make it to the finals.

After that, we're gonna enjoy our hollidays and we'll see you all back in September!

- Joris

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