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Important announcement 12.03.13

Dear all,

Last Friday, after eight succesful and wonderful years, I have decided together with the rest of the band to resign as the bassplayer of the band. Over the years I have become more interested in exploring new possibilities. I want to experience these possibilities with senserity and with full hundred percent.

I have chosen this particular time to quit because of the minimal impact it would have on the band, the focus of these last few months has been on writing new material instead of performances and recording.

I do want to press that my decision to leave is purely because of my wish to persue further goals. The rest of the bandmates and I have been on good terms and expect to be for the upcoming years. To ensure the continuity of the band we will be working towards a suiting closure and setting a new course for the band.

Paul, Joris, Sjoerd and Robin: thank you for all the great moments we shared as a band, we’ve had exciting times and a lot of fun working together.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon, this time as part of the audience!

- Rustin

Gig @ Lazarus cancelled 03.10.12

We are sorry to announce that we have cancelled our gig at the Lazarus tonight due to family concerns. But no worries, there are enough other cool bands player there and we'll be back again soon!

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