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Home Sweet Home 03.03.12

Nothing beats a good gig at our second home and we sure did feel that yesterday. We played for the 'Live and Lazarus' competition in our favourite bar, Rockcafé 't Lazarus, and we sure had one hell of a night! We had a lot of fun playing there again and that showed in the results. Both the judges as well as the crowd chose us as the best band of the night. You can read the entire report on (Dutch only).

It was an awesome night for us and we will see you all again at the finals (1st of June). Of course, in the meantime we'll be doing a lot of other performances, so come check us out if you can't wait until June..

- Joris

Small update 20.02.12

Heya guys,

Although there has not been much posting here lately, this sure doesn't mean there's nothing going on. You might have seen the gigs page already. If not, be sure to go there now! We've got a lot of gigs ahead of us and we're planning for some more in April. Also, we're working on new songs and we've got some really cool raw material. You'll here it soon enough... :)

Ooh.. and I added some pictures to the media page from our gig at 'De Gouden Leeuw' made by our friend Rienco van der Mooren. Thanks buddy for the cool pics!

- Joris

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