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Site update 29.01.14

Oh my, it's been a while since we last posted here. I'm sorry about that, we have been busy and nowadays we tend to favour our Facebook page. But an update every once in a while would be appreciated, I know...

So here it is, the update! Soon I will be doing some overhauling of the website with some new photo's of our Rody and hopefully some new artwork too. Also, it might seem like we don't gig anymore. This is definitely not true, it's just that I have been too lazy to update both the Facebook and this page. If you want to know about our gigs, just go to our 'Tour Dates page' on Facebook. I will link this page on this website some time soon, because I don't feel like keeping up more than one gigs page :)

Well anyway, there's a number of concerts planned in the near future, our photo shoot has been done and will be published any time soon and of course the demo we have been working on is nearing its completion. So you could say that 2014 does appear to be the year of SuffiX so far! Well cya..

- Joris

Back on Stage! 20.06.13

Hey everybody,

Soon we will end our long period of silence: SuffiX is going back on stage on the 24th of August! Not only is this the first gig after a while, it is also the first gig with our new bass player Rody. This gig marks the start of a new SuffiX season in which many more gigs will follow soon.

For all you SuffiX fans out there this is definitely one gig you do not want to miss. Help us support Rody at his first gig and listen to some of the new songs we have been producing lately in our new formation.

Cheers, Joris

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