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SuffiX is a melodic hardrock/metal band, originating from Leiden and founded in 2003. During a school field trip, Robin and Joris discovered their common interest in music.  Because Joris had just started playing guitar while Robin was attending drum lessons, they decided to play together occasionally. Soon another classmate, Sjoerd, joined in and the jamming became more serious.

Together with Kim (vocals) and Alica (bass) they laid the foundation for the band that was to become a metal/rock sensation in area of Leiden. While initially their style could be characterised as mixture of funk, ska and rock, the influence of the then popular nu-metal scene was ever noticeable.

After a good two years, the band experienced more difficult times. Within the band there was struggle; there was doubt concerning the style of the music and motivation of some members. It soon became clear that for the band to continue, some tough decisions had to be made.

These changes took place in the form of a remarkable change of formation. Both Kim and Alicia decided to leave the band on their own accord and hence a double vacancy was the result. The three remaining men quickly found Rustin to take over the bass lines and, with him, a new level of professionalism and renewed inspiration. His tight playing and motivation gave the band a new shine.

Ever since the beginnings of SuffiX, a male vocalist had been preferred although a female singer was chosen initially. Now, with Rustin’s darker bass sound paving the way, the road to a heavier sound was clear. It wasn’t long before indeed SuffiX found its male front: Paul. With his strong clean voice, powerful screams and occasional grunts the band was finally working towards their style of choice.

With this five-man formation, things were taken on seriously right from the start. Immediately, a lot of new songs were written, accompanied by many performances. All this effort led to the release of the first single/demo ‘Why?’, quickly followed a second demo and, as piece de resistance, the official ‘A Dozen Faces EP’ was released in 2008. This EP finally captured SuffiX the way that it is meant to be heard: raw and heavy, with feeling.

The years following that release were characterised by a lot of performances and competitions. SuffiX is the proud winner of the ‘Rijn- en Wouden Popprijs 2009’, managed to place third in the regional finals of the international band contest ‘The Next Stage’ and played twice in the semi-finals of the ‘Grote Prijs van de Bollenstreek’.

The absolute peak is definitely in the year 2011 when finally, after a long period since the foundation of the band, the debut album ‘Your Turn’ will be released. This album captures SuffiX as it is. ‘Your Turn’ contains all the sadness, happiness, frustration and other daily emotions that you feel in your life. ‘Your Turn’ stands for the choices you have in life. The choice to listen to SuffiX. The choice to let the music by SuffiX  support you, touch you or just make you feel like going crazy. It is your turn to get caught in the world that SuffiX has created over the last 5 years! A world that will not easily let you go…